October and November
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Tom Kell and Emiko Woods in Concert
Sunday, October 26th @ 7:30pm
@The Lounge
1014 Hermosa Ave., Hermosa Beach, CA  90254
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Saturday, November 16th @ 7pm
@ Genghis Cohen
740 Fairfax, LA, CA  90046
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Tom Kell and Emiko Woods
"Glory Bound" and "Mercy Sessions"
CD's available at,  http://www.1bl.org/glorybound
 July 2013 - Glory Bound Reviews from Europe!
Americana, country gospel music warmed in the California sunshine have Tom Kell, a veteran of the music business and precocious talent Emiko Woods perform a remarkable recording........Maurice Hope

July 2013 - Outsiders Review - Davide Albini (Italy)
I know it may seem a little presumptuous, but actually this "Glory Bound" is the album which Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell have failed to pull out of their recent cooperation.
Not that departing the distinguished strangers (or nearly so) are more interesting and capable of the usual suspects, taken or party because discover some hidden gem makes our work more enjoyable, but in the case of Tom Kell and Emiko Woods there is a simplicity and a crystalline beauty in their interpretation of the American kind.........

Click on this link to read the review ...  http://www.rootshighway.it/outsiders/kell_woods.htm

The long awaited Tom Kell documentary film is available!!

"Tom Kell, A Songwriter's Journey"
 View the movie trailer here...   http://youtu.be/Cjks3quGPlU

Great Reviews of "This Desert City"
Click on links to read the full review

March 10, 2012 - Holly Gleason, No Depression
"These are folks who – like these songs' creator and singer -- gave better than they got, making the best of what isn’t… and looking for the smallest pleasures to get them through. Like Warren Zevon, who balanced details and romantic notions of the tenderest sort, Tom Kell conjures the essence of small, forgotten lives. He gives them dignity and the courage to face the endless stream of invisibility. And like Zevon, he has compassion for the ones who bought in, then lost touch of whatever shininess suggested there might be more. "
.......................Holly Gleason (No Depression)

UK Review, July 2012

UK review July 2012.jpg
May 2012 - Review from Rocktimes, Germany. Wolfgang Giese

May 2012 - Italian Review - David Albini

April 2012 - netrythms.co.uk - Mike Davies
.....Kell has one of those sage-brush seasoned voices that’s both sweet and stained,
world worn but still veined with notes of hope.....

March 16, 2012 - Gerrit Vermij/Muziekvenster

March 22, 2012 - Rootsy/Sweden, 2 reviews
Staffan Solding and Rune Hager

Album of the Week:     March 22, 2012 - BBC Radio Scotland

Tom's song "Texas On The 4th of July" from his acclaimed album "This Desert City"
is included in LUFTHANZA AIRLINES "in-flight" music for the months of Sept. and Oct.


"This Desert City" - Review

Conclusion: The fifth album by the man from Seattle has become one that fit into the sunny Southern California landscape seems and I'm wondering why it has taken since the last album of 1993 so long.
So we have been deprived of some other small masterpieces. A truly outstanding publication in the sea of ​​new releases that you should devote plenty of attention! ............Wolfgang Giese (Rocktimes)


"Tom writes songs as easily as the rest of us speak, its in his DNA"........
Bob Carpenter, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

For Tom Kell it has always been about the songwriting.  From his earliest days as a country-rock pioneer on club and concert stages in his native Seattle and throughout the West Coast, to singing duets with John David Souther, Timothy B. Schmit and Valerie Carter, he has always been lead through his career by his songs.  He writes with a unique sense of time and place, and sings with a voice so full of character and heart, that you feel as though you're standing next to him, seeing the same images, breathing the same moment.

As a resident of Los Angeles for the past 30 years, Tom's songwriting echoes the 'grit and feel' that is LA and captures it perfectly in his new project, "This Desert City."


 MP3 of Tom's song 
"Glory Bound"
with Emiko Woods.
(This is one of the songs on their gospel album coming out this summer.)

MP3 of Toms song,

"Waverly Drive"

There's a tower on the corner with a bell that never rings,
There's a cage inside her kitchen with a bird that never sings,
There's a door that never opens, to a heart that barely beats..
There's a box of old love letters, that she'll never read again,
There's a tired old Mercedes that's become her only friend,
There's a road outside her window, she claims "the only one she needs"
Sometimes lonely, finds you in a crowd,
Sometimes lonely, calls your name out loud...

She's got a duplex in Los Feliz, she rents out the bottom floor,
She's had writers punks and actors, some were rich and some were poor,
But she announced the occupation, every time a new one came,
Why does lonely, always feel the same,
Sometimes lonely, calls you by your name...

The sun sits high above the old veranda every day,
The friends she's had for all these years have slowly died away,
The hat she wears on Sunday has begun to tear and fray,
And time goes by.... On Waverly Drive.....

She's got a niece who lives up north and she begs her to stop by,
But every time she comes to visit, the conversations make her cry,
About the boys and the costume jewelry and how the years have make her cold,
Sometimes lonely's, got an ebb and flo,
Sometimes lonely's the only thing you know....

Lone........ly, lone.....ly....

There's a convent and a park across the street with forty nuns,
In the days of silent movies, it was build for havin' fun,
Now it stands for peace and solitude, all the sister barely speak,
Sometime's lonely, brings you to your knees,
Sometimes lonely's the only thinkg you see (need)......



Link to David Haxton Guitars,
Tom's favorite instruments!


****** Concert Listings ********

Los Angeles Dates:
Tom Kell & Emiko Woods
Sunday, October 26th @ 7:30pm
The Lounge
1014 Hermosa Ave., Hermosa Beach, CA  90254
Reservations and ticket information: 
Saturday, November 16th @ 7pm
Genghis Cohen
740 Fairfax, LA, CA  90046
Reservations and ticket information:

Watch our website for future show dates.........

If you are interested in booking Tom Kell and Emiko Woods you can contact them through their Facebook page or email them at tkell200@gmail.com

"Mercy Sessions"
Available at www.tomkellandemikowoods.com

"Glory Bound

CD's also available at:

Westwood Music Center Concert with Ben Harper 
See Gallery for new photo's

With Bob Glaub and Emiko Woods


YouTube Video, posted June 22, 2012

"The Call"

 I knew from the start, there'd be chains on my heart,
And the feeling of desperate desire,
But sometimes the hope is destroyed by the rope,
That keeps holding my feet to the fire...

I've never been bolder, I just had to hold her,
She crosses my mind now and then,
They say that I'm free, I say "I used to be",
But I'm feeling those chains again...

I'm out on the road tonight, running away from the memories,
With every step i take, the love that we had, cries your name,
And calls to me....

But still there are footsteps, that I haven't made yet,
And poems that I'm writing alone,
They're filled with your name, and they all sound the same,
With the urge to just pick upthe phone...

Until I recall, the pain of it all,
But to want what i had, is a sin,
I know that you're gone and that I should move on,
But I'm feeling those chains again...


Say what you will, or just say nothing about it, at all...

No witness to see me, no judge here to free me,
The sentance I serve is my own,
I'm done with the sorrow, the strength that I borrowed,
From now on I'll go it alone...

So don't try to miss me, hurt or dismiss me,
I've traded my heart for a sheild,
I'll still take the blame, though I'm not the same,
Tell me, how does that feel...





Tom Kell's 5th solo album continues to deliver his unique, and yet familiar songwriting with the quality and craftsmanship that he's known for, this time taking it to a level of excellence that places his career in its finest hour.


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